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Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍
Music Season Program 音乐季活动
Music Season Program 音乐季活动



场 地:深圳大剧院大剧场

时 间:2017年3月25、26日 8:00 pm

票 价:¥80/¥180/¥280/¥480/¥680/¥880

The Sound of Ocean

Play the Drum and Let the Soul Dance

Venue: Shenzhen Grand Theater


Time: 8:00 pm March 25 and 26, 2017

Price: ¥80/¥180/¥280/¥480/¥680/¥880

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作为唯一获邀出席参演 2000 年悉尼奥运会开幕式和英国艺穗节开幕式的打击乐表演团队,优人神鼓代表着台湾地区,乃至整个华人地区打击乐艺术的最高水准。优人神鼓具有原生态特征,反映了台湾在地原住民音乐家,艺术上古朴的一面以及甚为独特的风土人情。


坐拥山林的优人神鼓表演艺术剧团,由刘若瑀于 1988 年在木栅老泉里山上创立。 





As the only percussion performance team that was invited to the opening ceremony of 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and that of British Festival Fringe, U-Theatre represents the highest level of percussion art in Taiwan and even all Chinese-speaking regions. U-Theatre has original ecological characteristics and reflects the plain side of musicians in art and even unique customs among aborigines.

U-Theatre means that performers beat the drum in a state where it is too quiet for them to feel the existence of themselves.
U-Theatre was founded by Liu Ruoyu in 1988 on Laoquanli Mountain in Muzha District.

The Sound of Ocean conveys a state where the dynamic and the static strikes a perfect balance through a simple stage, and is a unique and comprehensive masterpiece that combines vision, the auditory sense and performance. It is highly regarded at home and abroad and repeatedly invited to many important international art festivals around the globe. It is one of the best performance art groups in Taiwan.