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Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍
Music Season Program 音乐季活动
Music Season Program 音乐季活动




场 地:深圳大剧院大剧场

票 价:¥80/¥180/¥280/¥480/¥680/¥880

The Music and Dance of the Ganges River

Song and Dance of Bollywood, India

Time:March 31, April 1, 2017

Venue: Shenzhen Grand Theater

Price: ¥80/¥180/¥280/¥480/¥680/¥880


Booking Service 订票服务


印度电影开始于19世纪末,是世界上重要的电影出产地区,电影产量是世界之冠。印度素有世界“电影王国”之称,坐落在孟买的宝莱坞(Bollywood ,取自Bombay与好莱坞Hollywood)则是远近闻名的“东方好莱坞”。印度每年生产近1000部电影,印度人每周平均观赏两部印度电影,成为世界上电影生产数量最大和观众最多的国家,使美国的好莱坞相形失色。


印度宝莱坞歌舞团由印度著名舞蹈编导苏杰特·达斯(Soujit Das)于1995年创办,此后一直活跃在宝莱坞电影界,为宝莱坞电影电视配舞,参加了无数的宝莱坞电影电视的拍摄。曾多次应邀赴欧、美、加、澳作巡回演出,参加世界著名的电影节、文化节和狂欢节。印度宝莱坞歌舞团曾先后与历届印度的世界小姐携手,创作和演出了一台台精彩纷呈的歌舞节目。该团又特别吸纳了印度各省的选美获奖小姐,使该团的美女如云,成为名副其实的“美丽的使者”。



Indian Bollywood Singing & Dancing Group was founded in 1995 by Soujit Das, a famous Indian choreographer. Since then, it has been active in the movie circle of India. It participated in the shooting of countless Bollywood movies and TV plays and choreographed for them. It was invited to performance tours and took part in world-famous film and culture festivals and carnivals in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. Indian Bollywood Singing & Dancing Group has joined hands with India’s Miss Worlds in creating and performing various excellent song and dance programs. The group has also absorbed award-winning misses at beauty contests in various Indian provinces, so it has lots of pretty ladies and is worthy of the name of "the ambassador of beauty".