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Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍
Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍 Profile of
Shenzhen Belt & Road International
Music Season 2017
Shenzhen International Society For
Performing & Visual Arts
Music Season Program 音乐季活动










Profile of Shenzhen


Shenzhen is a coastal city in South China, located at the eastern bank at the mouth of the Pearl River and be separated only by a strip of water from Hong Kong. The whole city has an area of 1,991.64 square kilometers and has a sub-tropical maritime climate, so it is warm and humid all the year around. By the end of 2015, it has a permanent population of 11,378, 900.


Initiated by Mr. Deng Xiaoping, China’s first special economic zone was set up in Shenzhen in 1980. Since then, Shenzhen has become a test field of reform, opening up and modernization construction in China. Within 36 years only, it has grown from a border town, with merely over 30,000 residents and two to three streets, into a prosperous, harmonious cosmopolitan city with millions of people, complete functions and beautiful environment. It is fair to say that Shenzhen is a miracle in the world history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization.


As a key international gateway in China, Shenzhen is one of the most active cities in world economy. It is the third largest container harbor in the world, the fourth largest air harbor in Mainland China and an excellent tourist city in China. The city has a complete supporting system for industries; its four pillar industries are the high and new technology industry, financial services industry, modern logistics and cultural industry; its strategic emerging industries and modern services are growing fast. “Indigenous innovation” is its major strategy in its development. Shenzhen is one of the cities with the highest degree of opening up in China. In 2015, its export volume was the highest among medium-sized and large cities for 23rd years in consecution. It has 73 international friendship cities. It is actively participating in the state “the Belt and Road Initiatives” construction, with connectivity, economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges as priorities, so as to become a pioneer city on the Maritime Silk Road in the 21st century.


Shenzhen is a city with unique cultural charm. It has a complete network of public cultural services, numerous and quality cultural facilities, and thousands of cultural exhibitions and performances annually, which allow its citizens to enjoy a colorful cultural life. Since its “city-building with culture” strategy was first set up in 2003, its cultural creation industry has been growing steadily at an annual average rate of over 20%. In 2015, Shenzhen implemented the program of “Cultural Innovation and Development 2020”, to build a culturally strong city that is commensurate to a modernized, globalized innovative city.