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Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍
Music Season Introduce 音乐季介绍 Profile of
Shenzhen Belt & Road International
Music Season 2017
Shenzhen International Society For
Performing & Visual Arts
Music Season Program 音乐季活动


Shenzhen Belt and Road International Music Festival









Shenzhen Belt and Road International Music Festival co-hosted by Chinese Musicians’ Association and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, organized by Shenzhen Association for International Culture Exchanges and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Cultural, Sports and Tourism, and implemented by Shenzhen International Performance and Exhibition CommunicationAssociation. It is an event with global influence and vision that highlightsthe mutual learning among civilizations, and aims to promote regional culturalexchanges, spread refined art, promote art education and carry forward themusic of various nations. With the state development initiative, “Belt andRoad” as the basis, the music season welcomes the participation of artists ofall countries, and endeavors to create a perfect opportunity and wide platformin Shenzhen, so that countries along the “Belt and Road” can gather andexchange views on their national musical art.


The organizing committee of 2017 Shenzhen Belt andRoad International Music Season has invited 14 excellent troupes and 700 world-renowned musicians from 30 countries and regions and will present 16 high-level concerts and performances.


By the end of October, 2016, the music seasonhas kicked off in Shenzhen with two world-renowned orchestras, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. During the music festival, Vienna Symphony Orchestra,China National Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Macao Orchestra, and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra will present a fabulous auditory tour de force and you don’t want to miss it; chamber music, jazz music, folk music and solos of the piano, harp, etc., will present diverse forms of music; relevant programs, including singing, dancing, choruses , and a series of splendid extension activities are also worth your presence.